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5 ml / 10 ml Like a Dream Eyelash Extension Glue - Diamond Bond is an ultra- fast drying adhesive with a retention of up to 8 weeks. Used by experienced lash artist that needs a very thin consistency and rapid dry time, perfect for Mega Volume and Volume Lashing.


Product Info:

This adhesive works best in humidity between 40% and 65% and temperature 65-75 degrees.

(***Recommended Humidity and temperature for fast drying time and BEST retention: 45%-60% humidity, and 70-72 Degrees F)

  • Retention - 7- 8 weeks
  • Viscosity - Thin
  • Color - Seamless Black
  • Fumes- Minimal
  • Structure- Flexible

Always use within 30 days after opening.

Shake well before using it.

Place a new Glue Drop every 10-20 minutes.


Ingredients: Ethyl2-Cynoacrylate, Methoxyethyl Cynoacrylate, Poly Alkyl Methoacrylate, Pigment


WARNING: For professional use only. 

  • DO NOT touch this product on eyes, eyelids or skin. For use on eyelashes and extensions only. If contact with eyes occurs, rinse thoroughly. If irritation persists, seek medical advise. Be aware that if you touch the skin with glue, it may cause burns or superficial damage to the skin or hair.
  • For licensed professionals use only. Adhesive items can not be returned or refunded.
  • Be mindful that lash extension adhesive fumes may cause an allergic reaction to certain people at anytime.
  • Client Information Consent Form is required before first lash extension application.
  • Patch test is required before using this product.
  • All lash adhesives need to be handled with extreme caution. DO NOT open adhesives near your client or near the area where the lash service is taking place.
  • Like a Dream Lash / & Bia Yuri are  not responsible for any accidents or misuse of adhesive.
  • Like a Dream Lash / & Bia Yuri does not endorse use of glue rings, preferred method of glue holder is on a lash tile at the service station

Eyelash Extension Glue - Diamond Bond

  • All sales are final.
    Due to Hygiene and quality reasons we do not accept any returns and do not issue any refunds.

  • Buyer acknowledges and remains responsible that any technician using Like a Dream Lash products is a State Board Licensed or Certified and Trained Eyelash Extension Technician.

    Exposure of product chemicals to extreme temperatures and certain evvironmental factors and usage techiniques may cause changes in the product, rendering them unsuitable for use or achieving optimum results.

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