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Bia Yuri

Eyelash Extension & Powder Ombre Master

I was born and raised in Brazil where I had a totally different career path. I graduated in Business Administration and worked in the corporate world for years. It wasn't until I moved to Hawaii - USA, that I started thinking about new possibilities and changes in my life. I wasn't happy and didn't feel fulfilled by sitting in front of a computer the whole day and working to make someone else's dream real.  I also love to travel and to visit my family back in Brazil, but by being employed by someone else, it was always hard to take a vacation whenever I wanted to.  That is when the idea of learning Eyelash Extensions and Eyebrows Permanent Make-up crossed my mind. At first I put that idea aside... I knew nothing about beauty and I was afraid of making such a big change . But that idea didn't leave my mind, and I decided to listen to my intuition. Nowadays I look back and I am beyond grateful I made that decision and stuck with it. I was able to become my own boss, increase my income exponentially, have control of my own time, travel & feel fulfilled!

It took me a lot of investment, hard work and practice, to develop my Lash & Brows Technique. And that is what I want to share with you all. My main goal is to help You to advance in your career as a Lash or Brow Artist.
By using my business knowledge and the experience I acquire in innumerous worldwide trainings and working with many clients, I want to help you to become your own boss,  build and grow your business, help you set your goals and achieve them. 

My main purpose is to help others to live the life of their dream and share all my knowledge and tips.


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