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TRAINING INVESTMENT PRICE ($500 NON REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT REQUIRED) $2500 Two days Training Theory + practice on latex + Watch Bia Yuri perform lip blush procedure on a model (video)


+ BONUS: Free access to 2 online courses (VELVET LIP LIVE MODEL )+ (DARK LIPS NEUTRALIZATION)



Introduction: What is PMU LIPS? How long does it last? LIP Facts Lip Blush Goals Can you choose pigment based on your client’s desired color? Why do Lips fade more than other PMU areas? Managing Expectations Do we use the Fitzpatrick scale for Lips? “Can you make my lips look bigger? ”Wrinkles and Lips Lips Pre Care Contraindications How to choose the right machine for Lip Procedures? Stroke Length Anatomy of the Lips Lip Asymmetry Lip Skin x Regular Skin Lip Pre Drawing Anesthetics No numbing technique x Pre numbing x No pre numbing - How to manage Swelling - PMU pigments Organic x Inorganic x Hybrid pigments - Iron Oxides - Color Index - Particle Sizes - White Pigment / Titanium Dioxide (When to use & risks)- What makes a good quality pigment? - Mixing pigments ?- PMU x Tattoo - Swatch Sheet- Understanding the Natural Lip Color- How is the pigment affected by the Lip Sk